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How to Deal With Gout in the Big Toe

gout in the big toe - what is goutYou may not be aware of this, but gout in the big toe is actually a painful form of of the common affliction known as arthritis. The disorder is a result of your body’s inability to properly dispose of uric acid, and can be easily aggravated in various situations. In many cases, gout in the toe can be aggravated by an increase of uric acid in your system due to foods that are high in purines.

When large amounts of uric acid build up in your body, they can form into crystals in the various joints. Because the big toe is such a magnet when it comes to uric acid, it is the most common place for the illness to take root. In most cases, symptoms of gout in the big toe are very painful. It is not uncommon for the pain from gout in the big toe to make simple tasks like walking around unbearable. Some people have so much trouble dealing with their gout that they are basically crippled by the pain.

Gout that is located in the big toe can be extremely painful, as the big toe is very important when it comes to carrying your bodily weight. There is nothing that makes swelling and inflammation worse than putting weight on the area, which is why gout in an area like the big toe can be so excruciatingly painful. Walking is a necessary function of life that a majority of people can not avoid, and since the big toe is responsible for carrying most of your weight, it is very important to treat the inflammation if you wish to walk around without extreme discomfort.

When you try to take the weight off of your big toe to get some respite from the pain, you are actually doing added damage to other areas of the foot like the insteps, heels, and ankles. Stressing these areas out will only cause more pain and irritation in the long run. If you have gout in your toe, your best bet is to try to stay off of it as much as possible. Putting pressure on the area can lead to serious pain and cause long-term damage to your bones.

Though gout is commonly associated with old age, that is not really the case. Anyone who has too much uric acid in their blood can get it. If the uric acid is left in your bloodstream, it will crystallize and cause gout, regardless of what gender or age you are. To stop this from happening to you, take up an active lifestyle and eat a diet rich in fruits and veggies but low in purines.

Taking out foods high in purines and eating a diet filled with fresh vegetables and fruit is the best way to treat the gout that has affected your big toe. Alkaline-based foods can neutralize the process by which uric acid is created, and drinking eight to ten cups of water every day will also help keep the uric acid from building up in your system.