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Gout Pain Medication – What Can Be Done?

Those who are cursed with the gout may think that they are the only ones who are suffering from the curse. But the shocking news is that the gout is the most frequently recorded diseases in the history of the world. Gout is a sort of the metabolic arthritis which affects the different joints of the body. Almost 75% of the people start to feel the uncomfortable pain in the area of big toes. But soon the gout attack starts to be felt in other joint areas like the knee, the ankles, the hip, the fingers and the other joint areas. The acute pain and the unbearable inflammation are the characterized symptoms of the gout attacks. The affected areas start to become red and warm. The stretching feeling and the sensation of a pressure surrounding the area can also be felt in the affected areas.

If you are suffering from the gout problem you must visit the healthcare professional who will diagnose and manage the effects of the gout attacks. At the very first he will make you undergo certain medical tests to determine the reason behind your gout problem. He will make tests to know whether you are suffering from overload of uric acid in the body or your body can’t excrete the extra uric acid from the body. Once he has known the cause, he will help you by suggesting the right type of Gout Medication for you.

At the very first the doctor will prescribe some pain management medication for you to help you come over the pain, swelling and the inflammation. Some non -steroidal and anti-inflammatory or NSAIDs drugs are prescribed to make you feel comfortable. But NSAIDs won’t stop the progression of gout attack and the doctor will suggest some medication to reduce the effects of gout attacks. A low dose of the NSAID is prescribed for the pain control but higher dose is suggested to relieve the pain. However, these drugs can affect the body by certain adverse side effects like the ulcers, bleeding, kidney problems, heartburn etc. NSAIDs also work with the clotting properties of the blood and can thin the blood. However, the medicines that the doctors generally prescribe for controlling the pain are Voltaren, Naprosyn, Indocid, Relafen, Feldene, and Clinoril.

In recent times, the COX-2 Inhibitors has released to the US market. Good thing is that this type of drug does not work with the blood clotting properties. The doctors today mostly prescribe the common COX-2 Inhibitors drugs like the Bextra, Celebrex and the Mobicox.

Another drug which is largely used to treat the gout attack is the cortisone. This can be directly injected in the affected joint area to smoothen the inflamed areas. The pain can be relieved with the medication. Cortisone acts as the hormone cortisol that fights with the body inflammation. However, use of the medication is fine for the short period but using it for a long term can damage the immune system of the body which can lead to the increased risk of infections.

The doctor will also prescribe the healthcare medicines like the Novopyrazone or the Anturan to control the uric acid elimination from the body. The doctor will suggest the patients to take low purine food stuffs and for avoiding alcohol. Certain exercise and lifestyle changes will also be suggested by the doctors.

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